Trust Your Brake Repairs to True Experts

Brake Pedal — Car Maintenance in Vallejo, CA

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. Don’t trust your brake service to just anyone.

Milt’s Service Garage will perform the necessary brake service to keep you stopping safely. The brake system is, without a doubt, the most important system in your vehicle. If you can’t stop in time, you’ll need more than a brake job. There are a variety of brake materials used in today’s cars and trucks, and we use what the manufacturer used when they built it. The majority of brake systems today use discs up front and drums in the rear.

You can typically drive a couple of years between brake services but it really depends on the type of driving you do. A heavy commuter will need brakes more often because of frequent and often hard or panicked stopping. A weekend driver may go twice as long between brake jobs because the brakes aren’t used as often. Weight is also a huge factor. A light car can go a lot farther between brake jobs than a heavy SUV.

Suspensions are also an extremely important and often overlooked system. We see failed struts and shocks all the time on vehicles because customers become used to the feeling over time.

Blown struts will increase stopping distance by as much as 100 percent. At 60 miles per hour, you might need 130 feet to safely brake to a stop but with bad struts or shocks the distance could increase to 260 feet.

Because the blown struts collapse and you will first experience severe nose dive before actually braking. The vehicle will not begin braking until the suspension has compressed, which takes more time. This is time you don’t have when stopping is required immediately, hence the term “panic stops.”

When you come in for a brake service, we inspect the entire system and make the necessary recommendations to keep you safe. Uneven brake shoes or pads are often a sign of sticky calipers or cylinders. They are easily replaced and usually available the same day.

Pad material is also important. Whether your vehicle requires semi-metallic or ceramic pads or shoes, we have access to original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers. Rotors and drums are always checked for minimum thickness and serviceability. Most rotors can be resurfaced, but sometimes they have to be replaced.

We also clean and lubricate all moving parts to ensure smooth, quiet, dependable operation. We road test all completed brake services to ensure your safety.

Don’t settle for substandard service.

Let an ASE-certified repair facility like ours maintain your vehicle on a regular basis. We can monitor the performance of the vehicle and make recommendations to help you get the most out of your car or truck.