How To Preserve The Life Of Your New-To-You Car

In an ever-changing economy, buying a used car is not a unique decision. Almost two-thirds of Americans consider buying a late-model used car over a brand-new one, likely to save money on their investment.Your used car is an investment you want to protect as long as possible. While the average age of a modern vehicle is around 11 years of age, there are still classic cars on the road that were built many decades ago. The lifespan of your car is essentially decided by how well you take care of your vehicle. Here are ways you can preserve the life of your new-to-you car. Service Your Car Regularly The best way to have your car serviced is to follow the advice in the owner's manual. Your car should have come with one (it's often found in the glove compartment). If your vehicle does not have an owner's manual, then refer to your mechanic for regular maintenance. When you have your car serviced, all fluid levels should be checked for accuracy and cleanliness and replaced as needed.Servicin ... read more